Fish nutrition

Developing feeds that optimise fish health and nutrition, and ingredients that promote a circular economy.

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    Simulating in vitro Atlantic salmon intestinal microbiome system

    A go-to diagnostic system for testing new feeds prior to in vivo trials, providing deeper insight and driving down the costs of bringing new products to market.

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    Clinical nutrition and the treatment of Atlantic salmon gill diseases (NAGD)

    The development of diagnostic tools for the pathophysiological responses to gill disease in Atlantic salmon.

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    Exploring the use of avian proteins in salmon feeds

    Greater adoption of avian proteins; less reliance on imported feed products; sustainable use of locally available protein products; and a reduced carbon footprint.

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    Testing of novel health ingredients

    Securing the viability of strategies that bolster mucosal robustness and mitigate stress-related immunosuppression by preserving the stock robustness and in turn reducing the risk of spiralling interventions due to increased susceptibility to infections.

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