Improving cleaner fish vaccination

Project Summary

Project life: 18 months

Anticipated Benefits

Improved survivability and efficacy of cleaner fish on Scotland’s salmon farms, with the potential for further adaptations to be used on other farmed non-salmonid species, opening up new export markets.


Industry Contribution


SAIC Contribution


Academia Contribution


  • Aqualife
  • Scottish Sea Farms
  • The Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling

Other Information

Thanks to a successful partnership, new vaccination protocols and equipment were developed for lumpfish, proving to be better for fish welfare, health and vaccine efficacy.

Prior to the beginning of this project, vaccination technologies were not optimised for cleaner fish and it was suspected that those methods available were potentially harmful for the health and welfare of the fish. 

The project aimed to examine the positive and negative aspects of the available vaccination techniques and compare these with novel alternatives. 

"Cleaner fish" - Lumpfish