Shellfish & other non-finfish species

Helping the Scottish shellfish industry establish a greater market-share and secure profitability through reliable production methods. Also incorporating other non-finfish species, like seaweed and sea cucumbers.

  • Bags of mussels on boat

    Researching the technologies and processes required for a commercial mussel hatchery

    Increased productivity; higher yields; greater market share for the Scottish mussel sector

  • Mussels on ice

    Developing genetic tools for mussel hatchery broodstock

    Sufficient supply of mussel broodstock to support a commercial hatchery and an insight into the genetic diversity of the Scottish mussel population, aiding the establishment of a reliable source of quality mussels for market

  • Mussel farm

    Piloting a commercial mussel hatchery

    A reliable source of mussel spat; higher yields; increased export opportunities; and new job opportunities for some of Scotland’s most remote mainland and island communities.

Lismore North landscape and fish farm

Aquaculture UK

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EIT Food Call For Collaboration: the BREEZE project

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