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SAIC is one of eight innovation centres introduced by the Scottish Government to drive growth in areas of key economic and social importance.

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Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre

Driving, sharing and nurturing innovation

We connect industry with academia to encourage collaboration on priority issues; share insights and knowledge gleaned with the wider sector; attract additional UK and EU funding into Scottish aquaculture; encourage new generations into the sector and develop those already working within it. SAIC’s innovation programme is delivered through three key workstreams: Driving Innovation, Sharing Innovation and Nurturing Innovation.


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Adding value to our sector

Connecting people and encouraging collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We connect businesses, researchers and other stakeholders, stimulating and supporting commercially relevant collaboration. This represents a very deliberate pooling of resources, designed to share the risk of innovative R&D, enable more businesses to invest in the areas that will help them grow, and ensure that SAIC’s public funding delivers maximum benefit.

Each project we undertake addresses one of our priority innovation areas. The overarching aim of each however, is the same: to deliver a tangible benefit to the sector and, in turn, Scotland, whether that’s enhanced fish welfare, increased capacity for producers, highly skilled new recruits, or fresh revenue streams. Our ultimate ambition is for Scottish aquaculture to be a stable, well-regulated, animal-friendly and scientifically robust industry that is of benefit to Scotland’s economy and its local communities alike.


SAIC publications

Here, you will find all key SAIC publications in one handy place, along with our various governance policies.

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Innovation network

SAIC operates within a wide and intricate network of public- and private-sector organisations. We all work together to fund and facilitate innovation in the aquaculture industry.

SAIC is very well connected, and the chances are we can either help you directly or put you in touch with someone who can. Learn more about the wider innovation landscape here.

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