Innovation with Impact

As of November 2023, we can confirm that our leverage rate is 1:5.6, which means that for every £1 invested in SAIC, we generate £5.6 of industry and third-party funding into much-needed research to solve challenges in Scottish aquaculture. It is crucial that we keep demonstrating real-world benefits and return on investment from our activities. An independent economic impact assessment was conducted in 2021 to do just that. Scroll down for some of the highlights!

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Frontline report into the economic impact of SAIC's activities

  • SAIC projects will contribute to an increase in aquaculture turnover of £50m per year by 2026, of which £30m is directly attributable to SAIC.
  • SAIC projects are forecast to create 600 new full-time equivalent jobs by 2026.
  • The total value of the 60 projects included in the report was £52.7m. Of this, 60% (£31.4m) was contributed directly by industry partners.
  • For these 60 research projects, SAIC leveraged a further £9.8m of external funding from other UK and EU sources.
  • In other words: SAIC has turned £8.8m of public funding into more than double that amount by bringing a further £9.8m from other UK and EU funding sources into Scottish research and innovation projects.
  • For every £1 of SAIC funding granted to research projects, a further £4.67 is leveraged from industry and other funding sources. [As of November 2023, this number has now risen to an impressive £5.6!]

Independent economic impact assessment produced by Frontline Consultants and economist Steve Westbrook, based on 60 SAIC-funded projects, October 2021


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Highlights 2019-2021

  • 17 collaborative R&D projects with 58 project partners
  • 220 Consortium member organisations
  • 78 new or improved products, processes or services as a result of SAIC activities
  • 49 SAIC-led events, eight of which had more than 100 delegates
  • 54 press releases disseminating project news and other updates
  • 43 SAIC-funded MSc students
  • 5 SAIC-funded PhD students
  • 7 SAIC summer interns

For a look back at our achievements and priorities from 2019-2021, click here to download our 'Sea Change' booklet. This booklet also contains mini-case studies; an introduction to our Team, Board and SISP members; and information on our recent rebrand.