Innovation Programme

The SAIC Innovation and Industry Engagement Programme, created in collaboration with Skillfluence, is a popular six-day and two-day residential course. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we also developed this programme into a series of online events available to Scottish aquaculture professionals.

Innovation Programme

Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses to think and act with an innovative mindset. This programme is designed to provide participants with a framework and toolset to take action, creating and implementing innovation in the new, post-Covid environment. The goal is to give participants a practical process they can start using to create and implement real solutions to current business challenges.

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The programme takes place over six weeks and delegates are expected to commit to attending the six workshops.

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Module 1: 

Idea Generation - Learn tools, techniques and principles to immediately increase their ability to create a large volume of high-quality ideas to solve current societal or business challenges.

Module 2:

Idea Communication & Idea Selection - Learn a framework for effectively communicating new ideas in a way to gain buy-in. Learn how to pick ideas with a higher likelihood of success.

Module 3: 

Making it Real - Learn tools and techniques to quickly accelerate the development of new ideas while reducing overall risk.

Module 4: 

The Power of Numbers – Understand how to use numbers in situations with high uncertainty and to focus discovery and development activity.

Module 5: 

Testing Assumptions – Learn how to engage with and gain high quality feedback from potentials users, stakeholders and customers

Module 6:

Make it Happen - Explore how to apply the principles in a structured way to get buy-in & generate results. Pitch team ideas.

To find out more about the Innovation Programme and when it will be running again, please contact us.