Leadership Development Programme

The following details the Leadership Development Programme, previously offered by SAIC. Unfortunately, this program is no longer available at SAIC. This archived information is for informational purposes only.

Leadership Development Programme

Enhance on-the-job leadership and management learning

Programme Overview:

This SAIC programme was designed to develop emerging leaders within the aquaculture industry by equipping them with the tools, skills, and confidence to excel in leadership roles. It was structured as a mix of online learning modules with in-person workshops, prioritising a hands-on approach focused on practical application. This structure ensured minimal disruption to busy work schedules while maximizing learning impact through peer interaction and accountability. 

Programme Benefits:

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills: Through a blend of online and in-person sessions, participants honed their leadership capabilities, including leading under pressure, building strong teams, and developing strategic vision.
  • Self-Awareness and Adaptability: The programme fostered self-discovery, enabling participants to identify their leadership styles and adapt their approach to best engage with diverse individuals.
  • Effective communication and influence: participants gained the ability to effectively communicate their vision, provide constructive feedback, and inspire others to achieve shared goals.