Consortium Agreement Terms & Obligations

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As part of the Scottish Government’s Innovation Centres programme, SAIC (the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre) connects industry with academic research to spark innovation within the aquaculture sector, increasing its value to the Scottish economy.

Through three workstreams – driving, nurturing and sharing innovation – we fund and support commercially relevant, collaborative research; share knowledge throughout the industry; attract additional funding to Scottish aquaculture; and raise awareness of the career opportunities in this vibrant, fast-growing sector.

We focus on areas that are identified as genuine priorities for the sector through evolving industry feedback. These include finfish health and welfare, unlocking additional capacity, shellfish and other non-finfish species, and helping close the sector’s skills gap.

The core SAIC team, the SAIC governance board and the SAIC Independent Scientific Panel (SISP) comprise aquaculture professionals with extensive knowledge and experience covering a wide range of species and geographies.

Our network also encompasses the SAIC Consortium, whose membership includes over 100 businesses, organisations and academic institutions from right across the aquaculture sector and beyond.

SAIC has laid out the following strategy for the next five years:

  1. Driving innovation through new sources of funding and bringing partners together from across the UK, with a focus on SAIC’s strategy engaging with SMEs;
  2. Developing aquaculture skills and talent across Scotland through a focussed programme of mentoring; helping the growth of the Women in Scottish Aquaculture (WiSA) network, and working with undergraduates and schools to build awareness of aquaculture as a career;
  3. Sharing innovation throughout the industry by organising workshops, conferences, and disseminating information in new and innovative ways.


The SAIC Consortium is a collaborative body of 100+ businesses and organisations, from SMEs to large multinationals, and from cutting-edge research institutes to Scotland’s oldest universities. For details of all our Consortium members, visit the SAIC Consortium page under ‘About SAIC’ on our website.


By joining our consortium, you become part of this supportive and cooperative network of organisations. You’ll be the first to hear about SAIC’s project calls, industry news and events, and you can be sure that we can help get you in touch with any of our other consortium members for future collaboration.

As a SAIC Consortium member:

  • You are able to access SAIC funding if relevant and eligible
  • You gain access to SAIC’s network, with SAIC’s advice and introductions
  • You will be first in line to hear news of funding calls, events and other news
  • You will be given a SAIC Consortium badge to use on your website etc.
  • You can get discounts on skills course participation, if your organisation is an SME
  • You can get discounts on Scotland House London membership, as an SME
  • You can get discounts on SAIC events tickets, if there is a charge


The SAIC Consortium is a network that thrives on trust, openness and respect. By joining the Consortium, we expect that you and your organisation:

  • are happy for us to introduce you to potentially useful contacts, and similarly signpost other people to you, for the purposes of collaboration and knowledge-sharing;
  • will treat any ideas or information shared within the Consortium as strictly confidential unless you are told otherwise;
  • are responsible for organising your own non-disclosure agreements or other such arrangements as necessary, if you are sharing information within the Consortium;
  • understand that that SAIC cannot be held liable for the conduct of its Consortium partners, including in matters of intellectual property and confidentiality;
  • will undertake to share news of any successes that arise as a direct or indirect result of your SAIC Consortium membership, including taking part in marketing and PR activities as and when appropriate.


Please ensure that you provide us with the contact details of the person within your organisation that is best placed to handle or forward enquiries from SAIC or the wider Consortium.

By signing up to this agreement, you understand and accept that we will store all of the details provided on our database. Rest assured that we store and handle data in full compliance with GDPR.

If your details change in any way, please notify SAIC as soon as possible so that we can make the appropriate updates.


Your organisation will remain a member of the SAIC Consortium unless or until you inform us that you would like to cancel your membership.


If you have any questions about this agreement or other aspects of SAIC Consortium membership, please email us on or call 01786 278318.