FHF announces major initiative against sea lice with investment up to NOK 64 million

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by Benedikte Ranum

Director of Comms & Knowledge Exchange

The prevention and control of sea lice is currently the aquaculture industry’s most significant challenge, and R&D initiatives are of crucial importance. For many years, the FHF’s highest single-issue priority has been sea lice, and 2019 is no exception.

FHF is starting the year with its biggest ever single investment. A total of NOK 64 million [around £5.9 million] is now being announced to increase knowledge around the prevention and control of sea lice in farmed fish.

The announcement is split into four subparts:

1. Basic biological research on the interaction between sea lice and host

The aim is to generate more knowledge in this field, which is an essential prerequisite for the development of more effective biological sea lice prevention through genetic and immunological measures.

2. Preventative measures against lice

The objective is to discover brand new methods for the prevention of sea lice by carrying out concept-testing of new ideas, as well as to produce independent documentation of methods that have already been shown to work on a smaller scale.

3. Cleaner fish

Here, the aim is to generate new knowledge within three important fields:

Quality of cleaner fish, from broodfish of Ballan wrasse and lumpfish to freshly hatched fry, up to and including the start of feeding.

Ensuring good fish welfare as well as reduced loss and mortality in all species of caged cleaner fish.

Methods for the effective capture, responsible stunning and slaughter, and sustainable post-use of all species of cleaner fish.

4. Control measures

The goal is to develop methodologies/technologies that prevent unacceptable environmental impact caused by the use of medicinal sea lice control.


It is crucial that such a large-scale investment is geared towards providing as much benefit to the industry as possible. Therefore, the premise of this call has a solid foundation in the aquaculture industry itself. For more information, please contact Kjell Maroni, R&D Director Aquaculture, FHF (kjell.maroni@fhf.no).

The deadline for applications is 8 March 2019.

The full announcement can be found here. NB: The announcement and application criteria are published in Norwegian. If you need help with translation, feel free to contact Benedikte at SAIC (benedikte@scottishaquaculture.com)