SAIC Introduces: Aqsen Innovations

In the latest 'SAIC introduces' instalment, we would like you to meet Aqsen Innovations Ltd: a UK-based tech start-up that leverages next-generation technologies to develop affordable and accessible solutions for high societal impact.

Since its inception in 2019, Aqsen has focussed on its flagship innovation AQUA-SENSE®, which helps to detect, monitor, and manage water quality and safety in an online dynamic manner. The system provides continuous data insights and analytics for informed decision-making and alert notification across various devices for faster remediation.

Installation rig in pond fish farm, India, March 2021

Installation rig in pond fish farm, India, March 2021

As part of the Innovate UK and GCRF-funded programme to demonstrate impact in developing countries, AQUA-SENSE® was conceptualised using a human-centric, design-led approach involving a survey across 400+ households and several focus group discussions with citizens, village councils and local government stakeholders in West Bengal, India. Subsequently, a pre-prototype was built and successfully trial tested in March 2021 across three regions and nine water sources in the state ­– including ponds and aquaculture farms – to establish the technical proof of concept over a five-month feasibility study. 

Aqua-Sense controller

AQUA-SENSE® controller

The Aqsen team is currently exploring how wider environmental factors and upstream human activities impact water bodies downstream, affecting fish farms and water quality parameters that are crucial for aquaculture in Asia and Africa. Additional funding would enable Aqsen to understand and prioritise user needs and capture effective visualisation methods to display relevant information that meets those needs.

Rinku Dasbiswas, Co-Founder of Aqsen Innovations, says: “Our AQUA-SENSE® solution provides real-time dynamic data on water quality with instant alerts and notifications that can benefit fish farms and help improve productivity and minimise yield losses. Additionally, our dynamic data models, heat maps and time series around water quality aided by AI/ML predictions can enhance long-term policy planning. The solution has scalability potential in allied sectors like water utilities and environmental management. Its code-free, open-source cloud platform reduces training costs, and subscription models eliminate upfront capital investment.”

Aqua-Sense schematic

Aqsen logo

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