SAIC Introduces… Umitron

In the latest 'SAIC introduces' instalment, we would like you to meet Umitron: a Singapore- and Japan-based company focused on developing solutions for aquaculture that utilise IoT, AI, and satellite remote sensing technologies.


Founded in 2016, Umitron offers products that aim to help farmers manage environmental risks and improve farm efficiency in a sustainable way. Umitron works with a diverse range of farmers growing fish and shellfish in Australia, Thailand, Japan, Spain, Chile, and Peru among other locations. Umitron has two software products, Remora and Pulse, to offer fish and shellfish farmers in Scotland.

Remora analyses fish feeding behaviour to determine appetite levels, which allows farmers to improve feeding decision-making and reduce feed wastage. Remora installs on the barge or feed centre’s PC, connects to the existing camera systems, and analyses video data to provide feedback and warnings to feed operators based on changes in fish behaviour or pellets detected. Operators can set fish behaviour and pellet detection thresholds according to their needs, and can easily see the data while simultaneously viewing the current video streams.

Umitron Remora

Pulse is a satellite-based ocean monitoring service allowing farmers to access real-time, high-resolution environmental data worldwide. Five key parameters – dissolved oxygen, temperature, chlorophyll, salinity, and wave height – are currently available. Subscribers can access forecasts and historical data, as well as compare trends over time or between sites with custom charts. The service is currently accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

The team has also created hardware solutions for fish farmers who do not have existing camera equipment. CELL is a solar-powered AI smart feeder that is suitable for smaller fish pens. LENS is a portable stereo camera system with AI that measures fish size and determines a pen’s biomass. Both of these devices are used by red sea bream and yellowtail farmers in Japan, where Umitron has a long track record of working with both small and large farmers.

Umitron is excited to connect with everyone in the Scottish industry and to learn how technology can help farmers achieve their business and sustainability goals. They are interested in working with farmers who want to test new technologies or have ideas for how satellite data and feeding video analysis can help their farm operations.

For more information visit Umitron's website or get in touch via email.

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