SAIC Wellbeing Webinar Series

SAIC has teamed up with Headstrong, a team of mental health and change professionals, to offer the Scottish aquaculture community a supportive series of free wellbeing webinars.

The purpose of HeadStrong is clear, to help people have positive conversations around mental health.  We believe people are fearful about their mental health and the mental health of those they love and care for simply because they don’t fully understand how it works yet.  There is no mental health class at school for example! HeadStrong’s passionate team help people transform their lives by teaching them how to understand the mind, how to remove the mystery behind why we do what we do (even the crazy stuff!) and show us how we can all harness our incredible, inbuilt ability to change the quality of our mental health when we simply know how to do it.

The live webinar series has now finished, but you can still access the recordings via our YouTube channel or click on the individual links below.

Session 1: What is Mental Health?  

In this first session we will unpack what mental health actually is.  Why are we seeing such a sharp rise in mental health issues?  Why is it that the conversation has grown so much ‘louder’ over recent years?  Why are lemons important?  By answering these questions, we will show the root cause of all mental health issues and why, in theory, it is simple to change.  

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Session 2: The Bubble

We are all different, but why?  Why is it that one person’s excitement is another’s abject fear?  Why is one person’s passion another person’s indifference?  In this session we will explore the way perception shapes our world, how it shapes our judgements and how we influence our perceptions, and the perceptions of others through everything we do.

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Session 3: Becoming Ourselves

In this session we will discuss the balance between nature and nurture.  How are our personalities put together?  Why is it that people can respond so differently to exactly the same factors when they are growing up and, can we change it?  This session will explore the three stages of emotional maturity and the two different types of memory that influence our lives from the very beginning.

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Session 4: Emotional Batteries

Motivation is a constant conversation in business and personal lives (especially right now).  But what is motivation?  Where does it come from? Many people think a good to-do list and a structured day are the keys to motivation.  While others prefer the chaos of a creative mind where days just… happen.  Actually, motivation is often there in plain sight, we just need to be taught how to spot it and use it.

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Session 5: The Importance of Normal

Have you ever noticed that you are a creature of habit?  That almost everything you do follows a predetermined pattern?  This is why you have the same arguments with your family and nothing ever changes but it is also why you have passions and interests and things that light you up.  We are all victims of our lazy brains – in this session, we will find out why and how we can use it to our advantage.

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Session 6: The Power of Purpose

We all need to change to grow.  If we stay the same, we will stagnate.  But change is scary and difficult… isn’t it?  That’s why we avoid it. What if the only reason people frequently avoid change is because every time they try it, they make the same three mistakes over and over again?  In this final session we will discuss those three mistakes, how we can avoid them all and the mind shift that will change our lives forever.

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