Webinar: Plastics in aquaculture – a responsible management approach

Join our free webinar, in collaboration with The Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Program

Like so many other sectors, plastic is of fundamental importance to the production of seafood, including in aquaculture, and it is inconceivable to imagine how the industry would function without it. However, the attention on impacts of marine plastic pollution on the natural environment, on climate and potentially on human health remains of significant public concern.

The demonstration of responsible use, responsible end of life fate and accountability of plastics from end to end is becoming of growing market interest.

The Responsible Plastic Management (RPM) Program is a first of its’ kind initiative established as an assurance recognition program for organisations and sectors, including aquaculture, to provide such demonstration of responsible use and accountability.

We invite you to join the RPM team and guest speakers in this 60-minute webinar to learn more about this unique program and how it can benefit aquaculture organisations.

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