MSc Programme FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Where can I study for a SAIC funded MSc?
SAIC works with a number of different universities and programmes. The up to date list can be found here.

What costs does the SAIC funded MSc cover?
SAIC covers tuition fees for students on the approved SAIC Programmes. This funding agreement is between SAIC and each university, not the student.

What are the eligibility criteria for funding?
Students need to meet SFC (Scottish Funding Council) Scottish domicile requirements. Prospective students will need to speak to their university to check on the most up to date information for this. Currently, the criteria require that funded students are domiciled in Scotland for the last three years for reasons other than education.

How are places allocated?
Each year SAIC allocates a number of places to each of the partner programmes. Allocation of places to students is undertaken by the universities. Students interested in taking a SAIC Scholarship should discuss this with the university that they wish to attend.

If I accept funding, what do I need to do?
Funding is dependent on meeting SFC residency requirements, and students agreeing to undertake a dissertation which focuses on a subject of relevance to the Scottish aquaculture sector. Where possible this work should involve a SAIC Consortium member. Students will be required to submit a copy of their dissertation to SAIC on completion of their studies.

How do I go about applying for SAIC funding?
Places are allocated from SAIC to the university. Therefore, students need to talk to their university of choice about the possibility of taking up a SAIC funded place. SAIC is not responsible for the allocation of places to individual students.

Are part time courses funded?
Yes it is possible to undertake a part time programme of study where this has been agreed between SAIC and the university (please see individual programmes for further information). Currently, part-time funded places are available at Lews Castle UHI, Glasgow Caledonian University and Aberdeen University.