We channel our resources into the areas that will benefit the Scottish aquaculture sector the most, including reducing its environmental footprint and increasing its economic impact.

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KelpRing: natural kelp hides for cleanerfish
KelpRing: natural kelp hides for cleanerfish

KelpRing is an innovative new product to support the successful use of cleaner fish (...

Piloting a commercial mussel hatchery
Piloting a commercial mussel hatchery

A reliable source of mussel spat; higher yields; increased export opportunities; and...

Developing genetic tools for mussel hatchery broodstock
Developing genetic tools for mussel hatchery broodstock

Sufficient supply of mussel broodstock to support a commercial hatchery and an insigh...

Researching the technologies and processes required for a commercial mussel hatchery
Technologies and processes for a commercial mussel hatchery

Increased productivity; higher yields; greater market share for the Scottish mussel s...

Project facts


Total value of SAIC-funded/co-funded collaborative research to date: £60m



SAIC-funded research spans 92 different industry/academic project partners.



So far, SAIC has helped fund 76 collaborative research projects


Leverage Rate

Quadrupling return on investment by generating over £4 in industry and third-party funding for every £1 of public money

Industry-academic collaborations

Some of our projects have a lifetime of less than one year, while others are longer-term, multi-partner collaborations of up to three and a half years. Each project unites industry know-how with specialist academic expertise; something that SAIC works hard to encourage by helping forge the necessary connections.

Priority innovation areas

Our work is focused on catalysing and co-funding innovation in the areas identified by the sector as being top priorities. We call them our priority innovation areas – or PIAs for short.

Over the years, the industry’s priorities for innovation have evolved. Therefore, so too have our PIAs. This helps ensure that we continue to deliver maximum benefit from the combined investment being made. SAIC's three PIAs are 1: Finfish health & welfare, 2: Unlocking sector capacity, and 3: Shellfish and other non-finfish species.